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In some specific chemical reactions, iridium catalysts demonstrate unmatched performance compared to other catalysts. What is the process of preparing an iridium catalyst, what unique properties and uses does it have, and let??s look at the current market recycling prices and the factors that influence this price.

To prepare an iridium catalyst, it is necessary to obtain high-purity iridium compounds through solvent extraction, chemical precipitation, and other steps. These compounds are then precisely controlled and processed to produce the catalyst.
Precious Metal Recycling
Iridium catalysts are not only stable but also highly efficient in catalysis, playing a significant role in many chemical reactions. They can effectively promote the reaction process, improving the yield and purity of the products, which is very important in industrial production.

Finally, let’s focus on the price: the current recycling price of iridium catalysts is about $110 per gram. When recycling iridium catalysts, the cost is deducted first, and then the final price is calculated based on the content and the price of $110 per gram.

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