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The living room tile wall decoration design can be described as various, because the tile itself is a very rich decorative material, whether it is style, color or material composition, it is easy for the owners to pick the eye, but the industry the Lord can slowly pick out the final goal as long as he knows his final goal.

Stone Displays Tower Natural Stone Sample Rack Stand SW21,we supply stone display tower,natural stone display rack,stone display stand,etc. If the living room area exceeds 30 square meters, 80*80 bricks should be selected, which is less than this area, below 60*60, but not less than 40*40. The large size makes the room spacious and open.

However, if the large-size tile is laid on a small floor, it will make the size of the room uncoordinated, just like a thin person wearing a large dress. On the contrary, if a large area of the floor is covered with small-sized tiles, it will appear as a room. Congestion inside is cumbersome. In short, shoes that fit the size of their feet are good shoes.

The indoor requirements are spacious and bright, making people feel relaxed and quiet. Therefore, the general light-colored tile paving is suitable, such as white, light beige, solid or slightly striped, for the owner with high hygiene requirements, choose pure Color can better reflect the elegance of the owner, but it takes more time and spirit, because the solid color is not dirty, it needs to be cleaned frequently, and it is busy for some work and willing to spend free time sleeping.

Secondly, the material is better. It is better to choose glass fossils because it is wear-resistant, bright and easy to clean. Some people also like to use antique bricks, antique bricks are rich in color, reflecting individuality, but the color is often heavy, and washing has certain difficulty. Stone It is best not to use, because not only the stone cost is high, the color is single, and the stone is mostly radioactive, and the surface roughness and wear resistance are also low. They are often used in large public areas. Pavement method for living room interior wall tiles

1. Leveling: Before laying the tiles, the wall surface of the paved building should be treated to remove the surface dirt, and the water is wet, then mix and level with cement mortar, and the flat layer should be completely dry and then laid.

2. When arranging the tiles, the ash seam of 2mm-3Mm should be reserved between the tiles according to actual needs, in order to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient between the wall and the tiles and the bond from appearing. , the phenomenon of empty drums, etc., resulting in construction quality Therefore.

3. the elastic line: According to the design and paving requirements, determine the brick layout plan, the ceramic tile position and the brick seam position line are popped on the dry screed layer.

Advantages and disadvantages of living room wall tiling If you use it to decorate it, it will make your grades look a lot better, and there are a lot of graphics to choose from. You can also choose the tile background wall according to your favorite style, for example, local style, Europe Beautiful style, non-mainstream style and more. You can also make your favorite picture into the background wall you want. Tsianfan displays https://www.stonestand.com/

Because the production process is to bake or engrave the pattern on the tile, and finally get the color, so the visual is a big enjoyment, basically the color will not change, the moisture-proof, etc. will not be used like a wallpaper. how long It is wet. The price is not cheap, and it may sell hundreds or even thousands of dollars in some stores on the ground. The price on the Internet will be much cheaper.Plus is custom, so it usually takes 10 days to buy to see your tile wall after purchase.

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