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Palladium carbon, as an important catalyst, has its value not only in its application in numerous chemical and electronic products but also in the palladium content it holds. After use, the discarded palladium carbon still possesses a high recycling value due to the palladium content. So, how should these discarded palladium carbon materials be recycled? Don??t go away, as we at Hirakawa Precious Metals will discuss the methods and processes of palladium carbon recycling.

Platinum group metal
The received palladium carbon waste needs to undergo preliminary processing to remove impurities. It is then ground into a very fine powder using a crusher, followed by uniform sampling and preservation, with the remaining parts separated.

In the separation step, hydrochloric acid or other specific chemical reagents are used to dissolve the palladium metal. Once the palladium is dissolved, the next step is to extract pure palladium from the solution. This is achieved through precipitation, filtration, or electrochemical methods, allowing us to obtain relatively pure palladium.

After the extraction and purification, the palladium undergoes a final treatment. Through heat treatment, its purity is further increased, ensuring that the purified palladium meets our final standards in precious metals trading.

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